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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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pet to >> snow is falling. a winter weather advisory just expired and our team is in first alert mode to keep you ahead of what's happening.
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snow others are dealing with a wintry mix or even just rain. our fleet of mobile units are on the roads, on patrol, tracking the conditions across the viewing area. good afternoon everyone. from the raleigh eyewitness news news center. as the snow falls so are temperatures. >> it is going to be very cold when we wake up tomorrow morning. let's get right to our chief meteorologist in the first alert raleigh storm center. you called it just right, chris. >> we talk about the triangle being right on the line where we may get very little if anything. look at first alert doppler. it is pretty much over with. a quick hitter. just a few snow flurries in chatham county and a little light snow left over in edgecombe county and down into johnston county a flake or two here and there all tracking to the east. accumulations have been on the light side. to about 0.25 inch in parts of wilson county and parts of johnston county, too. some areas picking up as much as 0.5 inch.
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cold tomorrow and tomorrow below or near freezing all day with gusty winds. look at the wind chills tomorrow morning. single digits to low and mid teens. very cold weekend coming up. we'll tell you all about that. and a look ahead at what may come our way monday in terms of wintry mix and rain. a lot going on. >> wow. bundle up for sure out there. just a few flakes are still flying across the triangle right now. at times there were some bursts of snow but so far no major problems to report. live in breaking news one, conditions in wake county at this hour. ed crump? >> things are actually pretty good. some people are surprised by that. we'll give you a look outside right now. you can see that the pavement is pretty dry. you see the striations, the lines on the pavement. that's the brine they put down earlier. take a look at this. earlier today there were some concerns by some that we might get some accumulation because flurries were coming down pretty
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raleigh all during the afternoon. and never really amounted to much of anything. fortunately, there was that concern of course that we could have that gridlock and everybody waited till the last minute to take off. some schools ended early and we got things rocking. but it all turned out to be for naught. fortunately, back here live, everything looks good right now for the evening commute and everybody will have a good weekend and you heard the forecast from chris. we're in the clear. that's all good news, you guys. >> all right. ed crump patrolling the roads in wake county. thank you. some schools in counties east of the triangle closed today in anticipation of the winter weather. and it is snowing this afternoon in wilson. that is where andhra blanford continues our live team coverage. what do you see? >> we are still seeing some snow flurries coming down out here. we'll give you a live look now. this is i-95 south.
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we have video to show you real quick. just to give you an idea what it looks like earlier this afternoon in wilson. snow coming down very heavy for a few hours but once the flakes hit the streets and the brine that the d.o.t. put down yesterday it just melted right away. lots of people have been out on the roads getting around without any problems today. we did talk with a few drivers who said while the snow is pretty to look at as it is coming down they are hoping the roads don't get too slick later into tonight. we'll bring you back live now to i-95. the roads are looking good here. the d.o.t. says that the brine does lose its effectiveness at 0 degrees. they'll be looking at this very closely as conditions continue. we'll get really colder temperatures later tonight and crews are on stand by. live in breaking news 1 in wilson county, abc 11, eyewitness news. >> thank you. be safe out there. people in fayetteville are teeling with a mix of winter
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sleet and rain falling in cumberland county. we'll go live for an update. what are you seeing? >> well, right now the rain and the ice and the sleet has stopped. we actually saw a bit of sunshine. as you can see rush hour traffic getting into full swing here. we're making the turn to get on to one of the main thoroughfares into fort bragg. there's going to be a lot of traffic coming and going on to the big military installation tonight. we've got reports out on i-95 traffic is moving along very well. earlier we saw d.o.t. trucks out sanding the bridges and exit ramps. we do know there has been a number of accidents reported along i-95. here in the fayetteville area attributed to the ice and slippery conditions. some of the cars slid off into ditches. ran off the road.
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haven't heard any reports of serious injuries at this point. as you can see on the all american freeway it is a little bit drier. pavement has started to dry out. earlier today we saw the trees on each side and some of the signs develop that glaze of freezing ice but right now it seems to be melting away. we'll be out all afternoon riding the roads, checking on conditions so that you don't have to worry about getting out on unsafe road down here. live with breaking news, greg barnes, abc 7 11 eyewitness news. >> as the weather changes let your phone warn you. download our first alert weather app to get alerts about watches and warnings. you can proy gram locations to keep ahead of the storm. it is one easy place to share weather pictures and video with us which we love to see. use the hashtag abc 11. >> growing fears over deportations of teens in the triangle. advocates say the recent arrest of a student is causing others
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we'll go live to the durham county school board headquarters for a closer look at the arrest. >> this is about two pages long and the most interesting section is the very last, customs actions in our local communities should be suspended and those durham students in custody should return to their families. this comes after a riverside high school student from honduras was detained at his home by customs. teachers and advocates are concerned that undocumented students are no longer coming to school because they fear they will be arrested, too. >> the attendance is dropping as i mentioned before. i was missing eight students the monday after it happened. >> this has caused serious, serious harm to the entire community and terrorized everyone. >> now, customs says that churches, hospitals, and schools are considered safe zones. in this instance i.c.e. says he was on their priority list.
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up at 5:00. live in durham, abc 11, eyewitness news. >> a safe zone not feeling so safe for some durham students. thank you. new at 4:00 raleigh police just released this picture of a suspect behind a morning bank robbery. just before noon police say the man walked into the first citizens bank and handed the teller a note. once he got what he wanted he took off. no weapon was used and no injuries reported. if you know this guy call the police. >> trevone smith will not testify and the defense will not put on evidence. closing arguments will take place monday morning. smith could face the death penalty if found guilty of the 2013 stabbing and beating deaths of melissa huggins jones. >> this afternoon crews are going back under the water in hopes of finding answers about the sunken ship. >> plus a van with no driver strikes a plane. how did this happen?
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answers to a deadly shooting at an arizona high school. what we do know. >> wake county judge tells duke energy and the state they may have to go back to the drawing board to work out a new settlement. break. first let's head outside. we know, look at these darlings. maybe they got out of school downtown. >> they do. and some gloves. >> it's 30 degrees outside and tough. they? it is cold outside and only
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>> a key step today in the process of fully closing 11 coal ash ponds around the state. federal officials gave the all clear for duke to start draining water. it will serve as blueprint for the rest of the state. breaking news right now on the settlement between duke energy and the state. a wake county judge saying not so fast. they may have to go back to the drawing board. that just happened. break it down for all of us. what does this mean? >> largely in secret the state and duke energy had negotiate ad couple things.
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contamination associated with the coal ash site as well as a settlement agreement that gave duke a lot of protection going forward. that is what today was all about. that settlement agreement. the penalty will stand. advocates have issues with that. the fine was supposed to be $25 million for one of duke's 14 coal facilities and somewhere along the line that turned into $7 million for all 14 facilities. roughly 500,000 dollars per plant. they're not happy with that but we're told the financial penalty will not change. what could change after today is the settlement part which critics say lets duke off the hook when it comes to past, present, and future ground water contamination and cleanup. >> purported to resolve all of the clean-ups. ground water pollution across the state. and even the state going so far as to say we won't use evidence
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the law in the state of north carolina. it is a remarkable agreement. >> the administrative state judge who originally approved the settlement may have exceeded his authority. what else ridgeway had to say coming up tonight over the next couple hours. >> we look forward to hearing that. thank you. two 15-year-old girls died in a shooting today in a high school in a phoenix suburb. the sophomores were found in an isolated area of campus. no other students were around at the time. authorities in glendale, arizona say they're not searching for any suspects and a weapon was
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they also won't rel feels like she rationalized upon warning signs in her son as normal teenage behavior. she sat down with abc's diane sawyer. you can watch it tonight at 10:00 right here on abc 11. >> what a compelling story she has to tell. one person is hurt after a van hit a parked jetblue plane at logan international in boston. passengers say they felt the plane shake when it was hit. police say the driver of the van failed to put it in park when he got out and when he realized the van was moving he tried to stop it as it rolled toward the jet and got hurt. firefighters finally contain a massive warehouse fire in central nauge that burned out of control for nearly to hours. this was breaking news yesterday at 4:00. the fire generated enough smoke
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and even forced some schools to close. fire officials say plastic pellets were stored in most of the complex and environmental crews are out there now testing air quality. the complex once housed old military munitions. one firefighter suffered a leg injury. >> the ntsb is going back in the water to try and locate the voyage data recorder of the sunken el faroe ship that sank on october 1 while enroute to puerto rico after sailing into the path of a hurricane. none of the # 3 people onboard have been recovered. none of the 33 people onboard have been recovered. federal investigators hope the recorder captured conversations between the crew during the final moments before the ship went down. the new search will start in april. it is expected to last two weeks. >> if you think it is cold outside right now you'd be right. you have to check out what the midwest and part of the northeast will see. sub zero temperatures. minnesota actually already saw temperatures drop to 35 degrees below zero. new york city could break a 100-year record if temperatures
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the arctic air moves across the great lakes and a possibility for lake effect snow could hit cleveland, buffalo, and syracuse. by the time all is said and done more than a foot of snow is possible. just a light dusting for most of us but still cold. >> we're talking about dangerously cold temperatures this weekend. >> you're right. we're at 30 now but we don't have a wind chill. that will change as we head through tonight and tomorrow morning into the day tomorrow. look at our low temperatures again staying well below average into the mid teens as we get toward sunday morning and the record lows minus two. that is the only good thing. we won't get that cold. wind chills could be in the single digits. a little light snow. eastern chatham county western wake moving eastward and also into western parts of wayne county. that is pretty much it for the snow. you can see some clearing back out to the west at rdu
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station. pretty sky cover. temperatures will fall well below the 31 by tomorrow morning. winds on the light side. temperatures range from 8 to 32 in chapel hill. 32 roxboro. temperatures about the same down to the south. 31 fayetteville. 9 degrees in goldsboro. -- 29 degrees in goldsboro and 32. 62 in atlanta. we're sitting at 30. it is cold in cleveland. 22. our air come forsberg this direction not this direction so the 68 in jackson and 70 in dallas we won't see. it does warm up next week. we just have to get through the weekend and monday too. our little system coming through, we talked about the triangle may end up with nothing more than a few flakes here and there. that's what happened. areas to the south and east did pick up a quarter to a half inch in some spots. other areas a very light dusting. it's all moved out for the most part.
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temperatures around 20 near the virginia border by tomorrow morning to low 20's around the triangle. 24 degrees overnight low in fayetteville. it'll be cold. the wind cranks up late tonight. wind chills down in the single digits at times. up to 29 by the noon hour. a beautifully sunny day tomorrow but the brisk winds, cold temperatures not going to want to be out for too long. highs only in the lower 0's. sunny skies. about 30 roxboro. 37 in fayetteville with again mostly sunny skies. the wind though, look at the wind chills potentially by tomorrow morning. maybe some single digits. this may be a little overdone but certainly around 10 to 15 easily in range and during the day tomorrow the wind chills stay with the gusts up to 30 at times in the teens. so need to just bundle up obviously. don't forget your pets. make sure they have a warm place and bring them in if you can. low pressure moves away. arctic high pressure moves in. sunny, colding up. tomorrow night the coldest. temperatures 10 to 15. sunday we start to warm up a little bit.
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same. the winds will be lighter so it'll feel a little bit better. then we start to look out to the west and we see the snow across the ohio valley. our system is coming at us for monday. still looks like this low is the coast. that's what you need for a major winter storm. it's going to go right over us potentially. that means mainly rain. it will be cold enough to start monday during the morning hours. perhaps early in the morning. we see a wintry mix, very light snow, then sleet and freezing rain for a brief period. then over to rain. won't be heavy but it doesn't take a lot on the cold ground surfaces to cause travel problems on monday morning. be watching that through the weekend for you. that would be monday morning. first alert accu weather seven day. 14 tomorrow night. could be 10 near the virginia border. sunny on sunday. valentine's day not as windy. 32. then the mixture we talk about over to rain monday during the afternoon. rain could be heavy monday night. could be an isolated thunderstorm in spots by tuesday morning. and then next week wednesday,
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nice and calm. going from snow and ice to bigger cold to maybe a thunderstorm to then mild temperatures. >> we'll see it all. >> right. >> all right. thanks, chris. drivers will be forced to change planes on the durham freeway this weekend. wh will take and what olympic officials are saying about the upcoming game. >> i couldn't picture myself without the horses. they're so amazing. sometimes way better than people i must say. >> sometimes way better than people.
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see how animals are >> the world health organization they also said today the link between the mosquito borne virus and abnormally small heads in newborn children is more and more probable. the outbreak is spreading rapidly across latin america. meanwhile, the president of the international olympic committee
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any country to pull out of the olympics. in rio de janeiro over concerns about the zika virus. he said today he has full confidence in brazilian authorities to take action to combat the outbreak. the democratic presidential hopefuls are back on the campaign trail after trading sharp words in their debate last night in milwaukee. while republicans get ready for this weekend's debate ahead of the next contest in nevada and south carolina abc reports front-runner donald trump is taking a kinder approach. in south carolina, ahead of tomorrow's republican debate, the candidates take aim at front-runner donald trump. >> we have an entertainer. a guy who is a reality tv star, who has been successful in his own life but also pushes people down to make himself look better. >> the latest polls show trump leading by a wide margin in the palmetto state where he is confident enough to change tactics, pulling all attack ads from the air, going positive with a strategy john kasich says
4:26 pm
spot in new hampshire. >> the light outshined the darkness of negative campaigning. i think it is awfully cool. >> both democratic candidates hope for a boost after last night's debate. >> i am not asking people to support me because i'm a woman. i am asking people to support me because i think i am the most qualified, experienced, and ready person to be the president and the commander in chief. >> hillary clinton tries to regain her footing after a double digit loss in new hampshire hammering bernie sanders for details on his proposal and criticism of president obama. >> he's called him weak, a disappointment. >> one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> sanders attacking clinton for ties to wall street. >> why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. >> the democrats meet again
4:27 pm
dinner in minnesota. the next democratic caucus is in nevada just one week away. abc news, washington. >> thank you. it will be interesting to see how the new approach works for donald. >> yeah. we might see a softer side. >> we'll see. one ranch in wake county is helping at risk teens turn their lives around. we'll take you for a visit. >> and see how students are trying to bring cheer back to an intersection where a crossing guard once brought smiles for miles. but firgs --. >> this is what's left of an accident that could have seriously injured someone if it hadn't been for this man. >> i'm on the phone with 911 and running. >> the story is at 4:30. big changes coming to durham freeway soon.
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e series compact tractors come with
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>> new at 4:30 strangers stepping up when they spot someone in need. >> these stories always show the heart of carolina. today we learned a former first responder rescued a woman on i-95 after she left the road, crashed through the guard rails, and flipped several times. the so-called angel says it was just instinct kicking in. >> absolutely. he tells us he spent five years as a firefighter in bum ber -- in lumberton and had run through a scenario like this many times in his mind but it all became very real on wednesday night. let's take you back to the accident scene. this is what's left of what happened near exit 22 on 95 in lumberton. he was driving in the southbound lane heading home from lumberton from his job as a consultant in fayetteville around 7:00 that night.
4:31 pm
driving the 2010 hyundai was in the northbound lane and became distracted by a tractor-trailer riding alongside her. she crossed the lane, flipped over, and was pinned in the median. he called over -- pulled over, called 911, and ran straight to the car hoping fuel wouldn't blow it up. >> her passenger side cars were both jammed shot. the only way to get her out was the driver's side. i pulled the cable as hard as i could. just enough so she could get the door open and squeeze out. >> yeah. and the car did not blow up. he was also able to squeeze through a back window and get the keys out of the ignition. the victim walked away with minor injuries and about $10,000 worth of damage to her car
4:32 pm
report here. she thanked him for his help and she did have a special message. you'll hear that live at 5:30. >> at the right place at the right time. thank you. starting tonight drivers will be moved to new lanes so work can continue on the east end connector. this area is the shift between south of bridge avenue and just north of ellis road. exactly what should drivers expect and for how long? >> definitely. you can see it right behind me now. this part is the durham freeway, that new black top there. those are the new middle lanes.
4:33 pm
4:34 pm
to be switchi instead of getting on the freeway just to avoid any situations. >> now, i did say that the plans were weather permitting. if it's not dry enough tonight the plap plan is to go ahead and do that tomorrow. if it doesn't allow it to be done tomorrow the plan is to do that wednesday night. live in durham, stephany lopez, abc 11, eyewitness news. >> either way drivers need to be paying extra attention. thank you. cold case solved. fayetteville police arrested 53-year-old bruce chisolm for a sexual assault that dates back to 2001. authorities say chisolm had gone into the vehicle of the 19-year-old vick tim while she was stopped at a light on gillespie street and campbell avenue. she was also robbed. a warrant was issued for chisolm's arrest and he is now in the newhanover jail on a
4:35 pm
>> pin wheels line the street where a caring crossing guard used to wave to many of you. mr. sunny may be gone but not forgotten. students at northwoods elementary created the pin wheels in memory of mr. sunny. they line both sides of pebble hill road outside their school. if you look closely each petal has words to remind students of mr. sunny like loving and bright. he passed away from a stroke back at christmas and the hope is that the pin wheels will bring smiles and cheer back to the spot where he once stood. >> most of the snow and sleet has moved out. a little bit left over. you can see it on first alert doppler xp. a couple snowflakes are moving back into wake county. check it out. they're hard to see unless you zoom it in. look at wayne county, too. a little batch of very light snow here on the west side of raleigh along interstate 40 back toward rdu airport. this won't cause any problems. just a few flakes in the air. the last little batch rolling through. temperatures low and mid 30's around the triangle.
4:36 pm
i think right around 30 at rdu. 31 degrees fayetteville. 29 at the rocky mount wilson airport. temperatures through the evening hours will hold fairly steady and then fall after midnight into the mid 20's and then ultimately the lower to's. lots of sunshine. but a cold sart. a breezy saturday, too. temperatures around 30 to 35. the wipped know -- wind chill factors in the morning in the single digits and low teens. teens and low 20's into the afternoon. 14 tomorrow night. still cold sunday. we'll talk about the light wintry mix that will change to mainly rain as we head through monday coming up at 5:00. >> officially freezing now, chris. thank you. right now there are hundreds of at risk teenage girls in wake county who are running out of options. therapy didn't help. after school programs are not working. the juvenile justice system doesn't work either. but a horse ranch in cary captures these girls before she
4:37 pm
>> we pair at risk girls with rescued horses and together they heal and turn their lives around. >> 14-year-old jessica had no experience with horses until she came to corral riding academy in cary. >> only at the state fair. >> she had also been in and out of therapy, struggled with thoughts of suicide, and wasn't in school with her peers. >> i wasn't doing all that great. >> but once she met chester and giselle -- >> an arabian pony and chester is a thoroughbred. >> her life changed. >> it's wonderful how they can talk to you without using words and how just everything comes spilling out with them. and they just understand. most of them have never seen a horse before. in fact, most of them are afraid of horses. part of what's happened in their lives is that they've experience abuse and neglect and trauma. >> just like the horses. she started corral to help at
4:38 pm
>> you meet them on their first day, they rarely look you in the eye. they're angry, anxious, depressed. >> here the girls get mental health treatment. academic help. vocational training and mentorship. >> you would not call them at risk at all when you see them after a year or two. >> and bonding with these rescued horses makes girls like jessica realize they have an important place in this world. >> i can see my future ahead of me. i can see myself in paris designing beautiful dresses for all the top celebrities in the world. i can see myself just being so successful now. >> don't you love that? corral is looking to expand to invite even more horses and girls and continue changing lives. if you'd like more information about corral and would like to help them or you know someone who could use their help, i put a link on my facebook page. >> those horses are so sweet. it's amazing. like they need each other. >> that is exactly right and that's what works.
4:39 pm
just in time for valentine's day your kiss could go public. we'll show you where people are puckering up to be part of a local art project and how you can participate too. >> pet owners always worry about leaving their dogs outside when taking them on the go. see what one pet owner created to let you park your dog while you shop. but first --. >> saturday morning. crazy. >> see why an nc state student is spending his friday night inside a local waffle house. how he's making himself comfortable. >> this is us. >> there we are. right here inside the raleigh eyewitness news center. it is 4:39 and luckily we are inside because it is really keeled out there. 30 degrees. we are talking about frigid temperatures for the weekend. good weekend to cuddle up with your valentine and stay indoors. >> yeah.
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4:42 pm
on the way. >> all right. if public displays of affection make you uncomfortable look away. a raleigh art exhibit is spotlighting the art of kissing. people are loving it. this kissing booth is set up in the flanders art gallery downtown.
4:43 pm
thomas edison recorded. you will have 1 seconds to capture anything they want. they just need to kiss at some point. isn't that cute? the video runs in a loop and is called public display. to be part of it get there between 5:00 and account p.m. on valentine's day. they're not always recording these but will do it again sunday. get there between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. on valentine's day. >> people love taking their dogs with them just about everywhere they go but not every place you visit welcomes pets. leaving them outside a store or business is not really the best option. a new york woman came up with a place you can park your dog while you take care of business. this is the dog parker. a ventilated, temperature controlled box that locks and even comes with a web camera. >> just stop in the supermarket if i'm walking my dog, i'm afraid of leaving him outside.
4:44 pm
drug stores and grocery stores have been going well. direction. >> now, dogs must be vaccinated. there is a time limit. so no more than three hours in the box during a 12-hour period. you pay $ta a year to abmember and -- $25 a years to be a member. it costs 20 cents a minute to park your pooch there. >> great idea. we're live inside a waffle house why? an nc state student has spent more than 10 hours in there already and has no plans of leaving. he probably had a lot of scattered and smothered right now. he made this restaurant his home for a while. >> nc state student mike fuller is spending more than a day inside thrallee waffle house. 30 hours to be exact. >> i am here because my fantasy football league has a rule if
4:45 pm
to spend 30 straight hours inside a waffle house. unfortunately i lost. >> that means lots of time on his smartphone, no showers, and lots and lots of coffee. oh, yeah. and waffles. >> i've had two waffles, two chocolate chip waffles, and three cups of coffee. >> friends like dustin gonzalez are keeping mike company. >> i was thinking, you know, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning he might just be here alone so i said i'll pick up the chips and come hang out with him. >> mike tells me this might be more fun than you think making new friends. >> talking to these guys has been awesome. those guys came in a couple hours ago. it's just all laughs and really funny. >> really funny is not exactly how he describes what mike is doing. >> one thing i won't be doing. >> they're crazy. >> this is mike's little corner. you can see his whole setup.
4:46 pm
architecture book hoping to get studying done while he is here. he'll be here until saturday at 1:00 in the morning. that's when his bet ends. he says he is accepting visitors to pass the time. he'll probably need them. in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11, eyewitness news. >> we have breaking news happening now. a reported shooting in raleigh near walnut creek park. steve daniels is watching it all in the breaking news center. >> we have chopper hd in position overhead. raleigh police are on the scene talking to eyewitness news. piecing this together they roped off this house all the way into the back yard. this is on cricket ridge drive off south new hope and southeast raleigh. you can see there police are trying to piece this together understanding exactly what happened at the scene of a reported shooting. we have a reporter on the scene talking to eyewitnesses and gathering details as well. we'll be hearing from her off the top of the 5:00 news coming up in just a few minutes.
4:47 pm
chopper 11 in place overhead and our crew on the ground gathering details as well. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you. >> thank you. freezing temperatures and water don't mix. see what was created after a water main break in one state. >> at&t wants to speed up your connection. >> we'll show you who the company is teaming with to speed up your service by the end of the year. >> dating apps aren't only used to look for frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working? can't handle the side effects? botox treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox can help calm your bladder
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l >> okay. a water main break creates a huge and frozen problem in northeastern pennsylvania. it inundated streets in scranton before the water turned into rock solid ice. everything it touched froze, streets, trees, and cars. the water company says a valve burst. out why. >> this afternoon north korea released footage of its recent rocket launch compleat with the count down. the video intended as a documentary shows kim jung une flying to the launch site in his private jet and touring the facility. the footage also shows people celebrating the regime's achievement. >> as popular as ever, now ford announe new vehicles will be
4:51 pm
part of a global plan. here in the u.s. consumers plan does not include eliminating any models. >> at&t ready to test 5g service by the end of the year. the news after a similar announcement from verizon last september. it means customers will have phones 10 to 100 times faster than today's average 4g connections. at&t will collaborate with ericsson and intel on the 5g's and the service will take place in a fixed location in austin, texas. >> smart phones are changing how people find friends. a small study of college students found that 7b3% of them ranked tinder as their favorite dating app but the students confessed they're not using the app to date. 58% say they've never even gone
4:52 pm
instead they use it to find friends. steve daniels has a look at some of the developing stories. the 5:00 team is working on for us at the top of the hour. >> we're closely watching the breaking news unfolding in southeast raleigh. chopper 11 hd over head right now. on the scene of a reported shooting right down there you see our reporter and her photo journalist. they are talking to police right now. we hope to find out who was shot and the status of the shooter. that is coming up live at the top of the hour at 5:00. plus we are in first alert mode right now tracking the latest blast of winter weather. our breaking news out on the road as the storm is moving out we'll update who got the most snow plus you'll see the snowfall on the outer banks. chris is tracking the plunging temperatures, that arctic air that continues coming our way. >> right. it's cold today but we'll add wind to that cold later tonight and tomorrow. that means the wind chill factor is going to be inyishe you.
4:53 pm
weekend and the system for monday if we see any wintr 5:00. also at 5:00 an update on the breaking news in arizona. two teenage girls shot and killed in a school shooting. what investigators are saying about that tonight. it is all just minutes away. it is a busy friday night edition of eyewitness news. we'll see you in a couple minutes. >> we'll be watching. thank you. barry manilow rushed back to the hospital last night and now we've learned the singer is putting his tour on hold. manilow had complications after an emergency dental procedure monday. he was rushed from memphis to los angeles to deal with the issue. his publicist says manilow is not hospitalized and is otherwise perfectly healthy. his final concert tour will be rescheduled. >> actor james woods won't be allowed to bring a $10 million defamation lawsuit against an anonymous twitter user who
4:54 pm
a judge tentatively ruled the case should be thrown out but after a former linguistics professor testified the anonymous user was missing a factual statement, the judge changed his mind. woods' lawyer had sent a subpoena to twitter to try to reveal the man but twitter has resistd citing the first amendment. >> secretary of state john kerry will sit down with comedian jimmy kimmel next week, his first time on the late night show. the state department says kerry on kimmel will air tuesday night, february 16 right here on abc 11. we love jimmy kimmel. that'll be good. >> hunting elk gets a thumbs up in north carolina. the key things you need to know to take part. >> plus an officer involved shooting. what the victim was doing that officers say forced them to fire their weapons. >> we'll take you back outside. we saw a few flakes flying out there just a few minutes ago. looks like they have stopped. the good news is no flakes for the weekend. but very, very cold
4:55 pm
make sure you bring the pets inside. we could have more weather on the way for monday. morning ted! scott! ready to hit some balls? ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i'm not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today
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>> developing around the state an officer involved shooting leaves a man dead. police were called to a home last night for a man cutting himself. officers say they ordered eliza jackson to put down the knife and he did not so they shot him. the f.b.i. is now investigating. he died at the scene. the officers are on administrative leamb. the south carolina highway patrol has identified the big rig driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run that killed a grandmother. troopers say 4-year-old flora ellenberg died when the tractor-trailer rear ended the s.u.v. she was riding in on i-77. police say the driver is a 57-year-old man of charleston
4:58 pm
unrelated charges. the victim was 74s-year-old. deputies say they found evidence that frank anderson helped a man dispose of a body. he shot and killed himself in front of multiple deputies wednesday night after he was asked to come to the sheriff's office for questioning. willard's body was found in the back seat of her s.u.v. in craven county hours before. anderson's bond remains at a million dollars. >> elk will soon be targeted again for hunting in western north carolina. the state wildlife resources commission voted unanimously yesterday to set the stage for a future elk hunting season. they didn't specific what year it would begin. the newly approved elk hunting guidelines would have the season running october 1 through november 1. officials say there won't be any permits issued this year. >> they introduced elk to the great smokey mountains national park in 2001 so there must be
4:59 pm
to let people hunt them. >> hunters might be excited about that. >> they're beautiful. >> thanks for watching today at 4:00. >> what's happening now at 5:00? >> winter alert. we're in first alert mode as we track the latest winter storm. is it over? our breaking news fleet out on the road. plus, temperatures plunging. how cold it'll. >> school shooting. two 15-year-old girls shot dead. the gun found near the bodies. what investigators are saying tonight. >> and tensions rising. growing fear over the deportation of teenagers in the triangle. why one arrest is causing so many students to skip school. >> we begin at 5:00 with breaking news. chopper 11 hd live over the scene of a shooting. >> this is cricket ridge drive off south new hope road. we now know at least one man was shot and at least three suspects are on the run.
5:00 pm
gathering details for us --. >> yes. just finished wrapping up with the captain here. one man was shot in the leg. this shooting happened just about 30 minutes ago at this home right here behind me. you see it has been secured. lease tape is now blocking this home -- police tape is blocking the home. there are a number of officers and investigators outside right now. from what we know this happened around 4:30. i'm told by police three black men fled after -- they don't have a description right now of those individuals. police tell me it appears to be a home invasion and drug related. the victim was taken to wake med. i'm told he has nonlife threatening injuries. as you can see right now it is a very active scene. police officers in the front of the home as well as the back as we're panning off to the left side of your screen and you see some officers right there on the side of the home. we've also seen investigators start to go door to door right now speaking to residents who


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